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We're on a mission to improve patient and caregiver outcomes for families.  We start with science, using clinically supported, evidenced-based methodologies.  We build on this with intuitive design and ease of use.  We bring it all together by insisting on positive outcomes that improve the lives of our customers.

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Find short-term assisted living destinations for when you need rest, comfort, and support away from home.  Browse and book at no cost to you.

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Find and explore short-term stay locations wherever you want to recover.

Compare certified facilities, and filter by price, availability, medical need, and customer reviews.

Once you've decided on a facility, book it through our trusted and secure platform at no cost to you.

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Begin by entering your search location. Whether you want to stay in your neighborhood, be close to family and friends, or explore somewhere new, we have a variety of options to help make your short-term stay as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

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Browse the most popular communities from our list of accredited senior living facilities. Confirm your health needs and book a stay, all through our secure platform.


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“I would definitely have used this for my mom after she had knee surgery.” Jonathan, 56 years old

"I've used other big name referral services before, and they were laborious, time consuming, and not transparent at all.  It was really hard to get any real, helpful information." Sue, 62 


"I think if something can mimic what real estate people have . . . because even we old people use computers."  Annie, 74 years old

“People who are caregiving really need help.  This would really address an unmet need.” James Chamberlain, MD, Primary Care

Assisted living made easy.

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How SilverStay Works


What Seniors, Physicians, and Family Members are Saying

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Find options that fit your needs. Search and filter by:

SilverStay connects families to short-term senior living options.

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Short-term assisted living is a convenient option for seniors to stay at a 

certified assisted living facility for a shorter period of time - a day, a month, or more. 

What is short-term assisted living?

Who can benefit?

A loved one under observation in the hospital after a fall

Family caregivers who need a break

A loved one recuperating after surgery

A loved one who needs additional support after completing rehab

A family that wants to trial run Assisted Living before making a permanent move

Visit our brand-new site at www.SilverStay.com
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